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Welcome to ReflectAwear


We specialize in high quality high visibility reflective wear. Try our reflective safety gear for all your safety needs. Construction clothing, reflective vest, gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, Sports wear, and more. Introducing a new way to protect yourself in low visibility traffic... Reflectawear, the "Illuminated Safety System", is now available for you and your pet. A reflective collar, reflective leash, and reflective harness designed in the USA with  reflective ribbon extending over and around much of its length. The primary objective of our product is to improve your visibility at night.

While wearing our high quality  high visibility safety gear motorist can see you and your beloved-best-friend from a much greater distance, giving them time to  safely slow down and avoid a terrible collision.





ReflectAWear - featured products
gold & gray reflective nylon  leash
Two Tone Nylon leash
36in black/gray spiked  reflective leather harness
Leather spiked reflective harness
gray hard hat
Hard Hat
RW003DK Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses
leather palm padded work gloves
RWV001 Vinyl Mesh Safety Vest
Safety Vest

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